Hyperbolic Aluminum Veneer
Hyperbolic Aluminum Veneer

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer is one kind of curved aluminum veneer, curved aluminum veneer also includes single bend aluminum veneer and twisted aluminum veneer, of which hyperbolic aluminum veneer is often used in architectural design and installation of aluminum veneer aluminum veneer products, is an important part of aluminum veneer processing, building exterior decorative surface and some indoor decorative furnishings can achieve a lot of unexpected effects through curved aluminum veneer products.

The application of hyperbolic aluminum veneer has many benefits, first of all, it can easily meet the requirements of the building decoration modeling. Generally speaking, the construction site in the construction process, will be a lot of labor not work area using double curved aluminum veneer or a variety of modeling aluminum veneer using a one-piece molding method once installed, to achieve both save time and meet the design requirements of the effect, belongs to the best way to deal with

But in general, the production of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is not made overnight, hyperbolic aluminum veneer is characterized by random changes in curvature and surface, so in its production process will need to optimize the processing drawings by measuring the size of the keel position several times, and even produce the mold first, in the hyperbolic aluminum veneer manufacturers to produce 1: 1 installation model, after repeated debugging installation, to finally meet the requirements of the drawings We will arrange mass production only when we can finally meet the requirements of the drawings, so as to meet customer requirements.

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer is mostly used to create special architectural shapes, such as spherical decorative surface, curved decorative surface, the effect can reduce the dullness of the building, giving a special sense of spirituality and novelty.

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