Italy Aluminun Perforated Facade Project
Italy Aluminun Perforated Facade Project

This building project carries out the facade renovation in 2022. The designers have given a new definition to the façade of this ice-cream store, with artistic perforations and a slight 3D façade effect. This curtain wall is not directly to the wall, but leaves part of the planter position, that is, will use the mounting accessories to make the plate a distance from the wall. The client’s designer completed the design of the entire façade, using aluminum panels for artistic perforated production. We partially optimize the drawings.

The artistic punching of aluminum veneer is divided into two kinds, one is ordinary engraving and the other is laser engraving. Ordinary engraving can complete the regular engraving patterns, but some fine curved arcs need laser engraving. Laser engraved aluminum can complete any pattern, such as 3D engraving, louver type or fine small hole production.

The project’s aluminum panels were precisely drawn by a local surveyor and guided through the installation by our factory’s production designer, who negotiated a perfect installation method. Using accessories such as aluminum squares and corners, the aluminum veneer was extended half a meter beyond the wall so that some potted plants and other things could be placed in the small corridor.

The production technology and design of aluminum panels are changing day by day, and we have the latest design drawings, which are mainly used in internal and external wall decoration.

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