Aluminum square ceiling
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The aluminum gusset ceiling structure is tight and waterproof: the installation structure is a windproof special keel snap-in structure, which is very tight, no gaps, and strong waterproof; high-depth keel, strong wind resistance: there is a fixed mold on the high-depth keel There are several clips, and the metal ceiling is designed with a windproof card code next to each clip for wind resistance. It is suitable for outdoor decoration and has high safety. It can be suitable for outdoor installations and can be flexibly assembled and used, providing designers with a broader space for ideas.

  • 1-200sqm
  • 200-500sqm
  • 500-1000sqm
  • 1000sqm above
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Size/mm Thicknesss
300*300 0.5—0.8mm
300*1200 0.7—1.5mm
400*400 0.5—0.8mm
400*1200 0.9—1.5mm
500*500 0.5—1.0mm
500*1200 0.8—1.0mm
600*600 0.5—1.5mm
600*1200 0.8—1.5mm
600*1800 0.9—1.5mm
800*800 0.9—1.0mm
800*1600 0.9—1.5mm
Raw material Aluminum Alloy
Surface treatment Roller coating, Film coated, Powder coated(ordinary powder, Polyester powder), Paint coated.
Type of Surface Plain ceiling OR perforated ceiling OR Colorful Pattern Ceiling are selected according to the actual requirements


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Q1: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are a manufacturer in Foshan. It is a well-known company with good reputation in China even Asia.

Q2: If I need sample, could you support?
A: Free Samples are available without freight cost. It is highly appreciated if you can provide the international
express account for freight cost.

Q3: How do you charge the mould fee?
A: In case we need to open new mould for your ordered ceiling, the mould fee will be refunded to customers when
your order quantity reaches a certain amount.

Q4: Can you make custom ceilings pattern if I have a design in mind?
A: yes, we have professional design team to meet your demand.

Q5: How can you ensure high quality?
A: 1) We have our own material production workshop and direct factory for 13 years.
2) 300 workers and workers should be well trained before go to work.
3) 100% QC on line and final inspection, no any defective products can be out from our factory.
4) We have a lot of certificates to ensure our quality, such as ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, etc.

Q6: What’s delivery time for sample and mass production?
A: (1) Die developing and sample testing: 12-18 days .
(2) Mass production completed: 20-30 days after sample is confirmed by buyer.

Q7: What’s your payment term?
A: 30% T/T deposit + 70% T/T balance payment before loading the container.


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