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A curtain wall is a thin, often aluminum-framed wall that contains in-fills of glass or metal panels.  The framing attaches to the structure of the building and does not support the floor or roof loads.  The curtain wall's wind and gravity loads are transferred to the structure at the floor line.  The first aluminum framed walls were developed in the 1930's. They are typically located at the floor line.  As the wall area grows, custom walls are more cost-effective than standard systems.  This section includes comments on standard and custom systems.  For projects that include custom curtain walls, it is a good idea to hire consultants who are skilled in this type of design. Stick system: The curtain wall frame, glass or opaque panels, and the curtains are connected piece by piece.  The unitized curtain wall is made up of large units which are assembled in the factory and glazed. They then ship to the site and are erected on the building.  The modules are joined by horizontal and vertical mullions.  The modules are usually one-story tall and one module wide, but can contain multiple modules.  Units are typically five to six feet in width. The unitized and stick-built systems can be used as interior or exterior glazing systems.  Both exterior and interior glazed systems have their advantages and disadvantages.  Interior glazed systems permit glass or opaque panel installation in curtain wall openings.  Because air infiltration is a problem with interior glazed system, details are not given.  Interior glazed systems are usually specified for applications that have minimal interior obstructions. This allows adequate access to the interior curtain wall.  Outside glazing is often specified for low-rise constructions that allow easy access to the building .  Interior glazing is often used for high-rise construction due to the logistics and access required to replace glass from a swing platform. Exterior glazed systems require access from the outside of the curtain wall via a swing stage or scaffolding. You can glaze some curtain walls from the exterior or interior. Vision glass is primarily insulating and can have one or both of its lites laminated. These lites are usually fixed, but may be glazed into operable window frames that are integrated into the curtain wall framing. Opacifiers can be used on unexposed surfaces to make spandrel  glass opaque. Shadow box construction provides a protected space behind clear spandrel.  Shadow box construction can make the spandrel glasses opaque by using opacifiers on an unexposed surface or creating a shadow box, which is a closed space behind clear spandrel for use  . by hysteresis, white marble should not be used.  For a successful installation, it is important to integrate with adjacent elements like roofs and base of walls details.  
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