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The Best Places to Use Aluminum Composite Panels. Aluminum composite material is a thin panel made up of two layers of pre-finished aluminium bonded on one side by a polyethylene core.  ACM panels can be used indoors and outdoors due to their high dimensional stability, light weight, strength, durability, and strength.  Aluminum composite panels are available in many sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and colors.  You can also choose from a variety of fire grades. We also offer the ability to have aluminum composite panels cut to size and fabricated into parts that meet your manufacturing requirements. We'll explain how to use ACM panels. ACM is an attractive material that can be easily manufactured without sacrificing durability.  ACM is used for many purposes, including channel letters, point-of purchase displays, exhibition kiosks and digital and screen printing. It can also be used to create specialty vehicles and other building and construction applications such as architectural cladding, insulation and wall linings.  It bonds quickly and has excellent dimensional stability.  You can have panels cut to any size you need.  You can have them cut to meet customer requirements and they can be made in many colors. In some cases, they can even be color-matched to match a company's branding. Aluminum composite panels are a great way to add modern flair to your structures. They can be made into shapes that were once considered impossible.  Aluminum composite panels are also much easier to use than traditional materials like steel, wood, concrete, and concrete.
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