Antibacterial Aluminum Ceiling
Antibacterial Aluminum Ceiling

With the development of urbanization, in some stations, clubs office buildings, shopping malls and other public places where the density of bacteria is relatively high, bacteria in the verification of the environment, the reproduction rate is very fast, in order to create a healthy and clean environment, people have studied a variety of antibacterial coatings, which can play a certain antibacterial effect. Make the living space cleaner.

Aluminum buckle plate proposed antibacterial silver ion aluminum buckle plate, has the characteristics of antibacterial, , anti-penetration, moisture, resistance to oil and smoke, easy to clean, good hardness. Through the role of light media, the Ag ions of antibacterial panels can decompose some of the components in the air and play a role in purifying the air, so that there is a clean and comfortable indoor environment.

Silver ion antibacterial board in the coating by adding inorganic antibacterial agent, so that the coating surface to form a layer of silver ion film, which writes silver ion has the role of purifying air, out of the odor, put the role of anti-mold, in humid conditions, silver ion antibacterial board on the inorganic antibacterial agent will slowly release a small amount of silver ion, at this time, silver ion into the bacteria inside, and the bacteria of the cell enzyme reaction and chemistry, inhibit the activity of the cell enzyme and the reproduction of bacteria regeneration The silver ions enter the interior of the bacteria, react with the bacterial cell enzymes and chemically combine, inhibiting the cell enzymes’ activity and the reproduction and regeneration of the bacteria, playing the role of purifying the air.

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