Beauty East Alucobond Advantages and Production
Beauty East Alucobond Advantages and Production

Beauty East Aluminium Composite Panels are a new type of decorative material, made from a composite of aluminium and a relatively small density plastic core. Small in mass, rigid, colourful and highly decorative. The aluminium-plastic composite panel uses a thermal composite technology of metal and core material, with a firm bond, and has many incomparable advantages compared to other decorative materials. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that the aluminium-plastic composite panel is a composite material, through the composite can obtain many new properties that the original component materials do not have. On the other hand, aluminium composite panels are a kind of high technology products, both production and application, all contain a high technical content. In the production of many advanced processes, such as roller coating process, continuous thermal composite process, to ensure the full play of material performance.

Beauty East factory produces aluminium-plastic composite panels using a continuous heat-paste lamination line, which is the key equipment for forming aluminium-plastic composite panels. Its function is to make aluminium, PE core and polymer film firmly bonded under the action of continuous high heat and pressure to form a flat panel surface. The company selects imported polymer film, according to the advanced equipment, perfect process and strict control, so that the aluminium-plastic composite panel has superb peel degree, which has exceeded the index of international famous brands.

The unique properties of aluminium composite panels themselves determine their wide range of uses, for building facades, curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings, indoor wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dustproofing projects.

We have more than 50 colours available for customers to choose from, or they can choose colours according to the International Standard Colour Card – Old RAL Colour Card.


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