Carved Aluminum Decorative Panel
Carved Aluminum Decorative Panel

Carved aluminum veneer is a general term for a product that will be carved by the aluminum veneer embryo plate with carving machine. The aluminum veneer used for carving can be 1mm-10mm, commonly 2mm-4mm, the thickness is too large carving difficulty and low efficacy, the thickness is too thin carving process is easy to stamping deformation. The shape of the carving machine can be round holes, but also can be patterned flowers, the proportion of the hollow part is not limited, only need to retain enough support part. Of course, for each customized carved aluminum veneer products, before production, experienced processing masters and designers must actually calculate the proportion of the hollow part and the support part, taking into account the degree of force deformation during processing and machine limitations. Carved aluminum veneer in the production process must be retained enough of the minister module, and its pattern on all sides must be white edge not hollow, the purpose is to increase the support strength of the whole plate, in addition to the white part also need to do bending, welding, grinding, installation of corner code and other processing, with these processes, our carved aluminum veneer can be perfectly installed and fixed, leaving no defects.

Conventional carved aluminum veneer is the use of professional carving equipment stamping out the hollow part, the pattern has certain restrictions, more suitable for the regular regular layout of the pattern and shape processing, in addition to the larger restrictions by the stamping abrasive, carving machine for personalized pattern processing program is not good.

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