Aluminum Sqaure Ceiling-The best choice for modern ceiling decoration
Aluminum Sqaure Ceiling-The best choice for modern ceiling decoration

Almost in every corner of the city can see the figure of aluminum square ceiling. While very cost-effective, the appearance is also good, in the current ceiling project, a lot of aluminum square ceiling as the main decoration, aluminum square ceiling size, color and style diversity and other advantages, instead of other indoor ceiling decorative materials.

The variety of sizes is one of the important reasons for customers to choose. 300*300mm, this size of aluminum square ceiling, is the choice of more customers. The single area is relatively small, suitable for some small areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or some small offices. It will make the whole space appear bright and spacious, and the aluminum square ceiling is easy to clean, installed in the kitchen, and it needs to be cleaned simply with a rag. Installed in the bathroom at the same time, the aluminum square ceiling can play a waterproof and moisture-proof role, which is an indispensable function of household materials.

The 600*600mm aluminum square ceiling is the choice of the most customers. This size of aluminum ceiling can be applied to many occasions, such as the living room for home use, hospitals, schools and some public ceiling projects. It will make the whole environment simple and generous.

We also have a 600*1200mm square ceiling, which is suitable for some corridors, lobbies and other large Spaces. Our aluminum square ceiling also supports custom punching, and we have more than 200 punching styles for customers to choose from to make our ceiling unique.

Punching can make the ceiling more artistic at the same time, we can also add attractive cotton, which will make the whole ceiling sound absorption effect, a better environment. Our sound-absorbing ceiling can reach a certain level of sound-absorbing, so that every customer’s ceiling project is perfect.

Moreover, our aluminum ceiling can achieve the effect of fireproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be perfectly adapted to various environments, which is an indispensable ceiling decoration material in modern times. Installation is not difficult, we will be equipped with professional aluminum ceiling installation accessories, installation video and installation guidance, if necessary, we can go to the field guidance, so that your project has no worries, so that our customers get the most satisfactory products

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