Aluminum Linear Ceiling (Baffle Ceiling)
Aluminum Linear Ceiling (Baffle Ceiling)

What is modern ceiling? Some people will say that the price is cheap and has the moisture-proof and fire-proof function of the ceiling, some installation workers will say a light quality, easy to install simple ceiling, some design will say that a linear characteristics, can do different styles ceiling. May aluminum u shaped baffle ceiling is a very good choice. Different sizes, thicknesses, colors and lengths can be customized for any location indoor ceiling project.

More colors selection for ceiling, wood grain color is the most people’s choice, retro at the same time is a very durable color, rosewood grain, teak grain, chicken wing wood grain and so on can be customized. Different from the conventional white ceiling, customized colors can make the entire interior building unified style and more holistic.

Thermal insulation: Aluminum has good thermal and sound insulation properties, which can help regulate room temperature. Coupled with the special structural design of the aluminum baffle ceiling, it can effectively block the conduction of heat and help the room maintain a more stable indoor temperature. This can not only improve indoor comfort, but also effectively save energy costs for cooling and heating.

In terms of installation, the aluminum linear ceiling also shows great convenience. They usually use a simple hook-type installation method, without excessive construction procedures, only need to hang the aluminum strip one by one to complete the installation of the entire ceiling. This greatly shortens the decoration time and reduces labor costs. At the same time, the aluminum linear ceiling is also easily repaired or replaced in the future.

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