Aluminum Solid Panel-Decorative Aluminum Great Wall Panel
Aluminum Solid Panel-Decorative Aluminum Great Wall Panel

Aluminum veneer as a new type of decorative buildimg material for modern facade, designers are trying to make him more diverse, such as aluminum veneer made of aluminum air conditioning outer cover, punching art 3d curtain wall, and the aluminum Great Wall plate to be introduced in this article.

Aluminum Great Wall plate is a kind of aluminum veneer that has undergone several bending processes and other processing. Because it looks like the Great Wall of China, it is called the aluminum Great Wall plate. Aluminum wall plate can not be used in the outer wall, but also can be used in ceiling decoration, outdoor doors, art walls and so on curtain wall range.

Its processing requires special treatment and multiple bending. This process requires relatively good aluminum alloy quality, and the bending process during production. The installation of aluminum wall panels required by each project is not unique, so our processing technology also needs to change accordingly.

The overall layer of aluminum Great Wall plate is very full. The undulating and regular shape makes the whole building unique, which is different from the conventional flat aluminum veneer or the curtain wall of other materials, the aluminum Great Wall plate gives people a feeling of art.

While its cost is not expensive, we can also customize a variety of colors, the most common is the color of wood grain. We can customize the modulation according to each sample color of the customer.

Aluminum Great Wall panels are lightweight and easy to install and transport. Compared with traditional building materials, aluminum longwall panels are lighter in weight, which significantly reduces installation costs. The construction is simple and fast, and the dismantling and installation is flexible, so it can be widely used in curtain walls, ceilings, decorative walls and other occasions. If there is a need, please feel free to contact us.

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