Modern Art Aluminum Perforated Solid Panel
Modern Art Aluminum Perforated Solid Panel

Not only in China, but in more and more countries designer will choose a modern art panel as their building facade project. At the same time, we alwalys want to have a lightwetight, modern style and goodlook curtain wall panels. Designers in the 21st century are more and more inclined to some artistic curtain walls, the pursuit of beauty at the same time, make their curtain wall projects more distinctive and modern art.

Not just flat panels. Punching, bending and bending processes will be applied to the current aluminum veneer curtain wall. We will be based on the customer’s drawings, pictures or ideas, professional design and production team will be combined with the actual situation to give our customers the most suitable advice. Round hole, square hole or irregular pattern, we can customize.

We have designed many cases, but also a lot of punching art modeling drawings for customers to choose. It can be applied to the curtain wall of some projects, such as hospitals, schools, office buildings and other building exterior wall projects.

Despite the punching art, we will also give the customer reasonable advice on the installation of fittings and plates, which will help us to hide our installation keel (the main part of the installation). This will make the entire outer wall panel more beautiful and more integrated. More with the style of modern art curtain wall.

Aluminum veneer as the future trend of curtain wall, we are committed to different styles, different installation methods, in order to let customers get the most cost-effective aluminum veneer products.

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