Customized Aluminum Veneer Types
Customized Aluminum Veneer Types

Perforated aluminum veneer: Using advanced CNC punching equipment, it is a kind of decorative panel with various shapes of holes drilled on the surface of aluminum veneer, and various fillers can be added according to various special needs.
Shaped aluminum veneer: refers to different aluminum veneer can be made into curved stick aluminum veneer, conical aluminum veneer, curved aluminum veneer and other shapes according to the design. Modeling aluminum veneer is a kind of aluminum product with strong decorative and beautiful appearance.
Wood grain aluminum veneer: in the aluminum veneer surface with powder treatment into the effect of wood grain texture, wood grain aluminum veneer pattern high-grade gorgeous, color texture realistic, pattern solid wear resistance, does not contain formaldehyde, non-toxic, no harmful gas release.
Aluminum veneer with real stone paint: with the texture of natural stone, a variety of line grid design, can provide a variety of three-dimensional shape pattern structure, can visually highlight the entire building’s elegant and dignified beauty, is the best alternative to dry hanging stone exterior walls.

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