Aluminum Clip In Ceiling Panel Installation
Aluminum Clip In Ceiling Panel Installation

1、According to the same horizontal height installed aluminum repair corners
2、Suspend the boom and light steel keel according to the suitable spacing, the spacing of the boom is less than or equal to 1.2 meters, and the spacing of the light steel keel is 1.2 meters
3, the pre-installed in the triangle keel hanging pieces together with the triangle keel and light steel keel into a vertical direction according to the plate spacing connected well, and then adjust the level
4、Press the two sides of the square board into the triangle keel seam in parallel, first install the two ends of the horizontal direction to find the right angle after pulling a straight line gradually row by row buckle pressure plate, after each row of buckle to adjust once to ensure that the board surface is flat, the board seam vertical. (Note that the direction of the square plate with a small pit is inserted into the triangular keel seam)
5、When buckling the board to wear gloves, such as inadvertently left on the board surface stain to wash clean with water, the installation is prohibited to tear off the protective film.

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