Perforated Aluminum Veneer
Perforated Aluminum Veneer

Aluminum solid panel is the future trend of curtain wall decoration. We also make continuous innovation of aluminum veneer, perforated aluminum veneer is obviously favored by many customers. Aluminum perforation refers to the laser or engraving machine according to the drawings given to the cutting (punch or pressure) will be the corresponding area of the aluminum plate to form holes or hollowing processing technology.

Design Drawings

Our professional designers will make production drawings of the engraving according to the customer’s pattern, which is the most critical step. Because the machine will produce according to the drawing (cutting, punching and engraving), a wrong drawing means a wrong plate. We are equipped with professional on-site surveyors and designers, no matter in which country and region.


After completing the drawings, we will reconfirm the plan with the customer. Sheet cutting will be carried out by our first-class production equipment, and the machine can produce almost error-free. At the same time of punching, we will cut the plate, customers can customize different sizes to form artistic shapes, etc. The modern trend of aluminum curtain wall, perforated aluminum veneer.


Finish bending, polishing and sanding and other processing, we have to spray the aluminum plate color, you can customize a variety of colors, outdoor recommended use of fluorocarbon, can withstand a variety of environments (sun, rain or acid rain, etc.)


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