Application of Sound Absorbing Aluminum Ceiling System
Application of Sound Absorbing Aluminum Ceiling System

At present, the use of aluminum ceiling is moving towards an unstoppable trend in building materials, we can see everywhere in our daily life, such as subway stations, hospitals in every corner, supermarkets and office buildings, a variety of large buildings can be used for aluminum ceiling. Not only is it easy to install, but it also makes every corner look high-grade, neat and more modern. For this reason, we have added sound-absorbing features to our aluminum ceilings, which make our daily life and work more comfortable.


Aluminum ceilings are inherently lightweight, making them easy to install and hang without adding load to the building structure. We add sound-absorbing cotton to aluminum ceilings. The quality of the cotton is very lightweight, and the sound-absorbing effect is particularly outstanding.


Nowadays, more and more buildings have higher and higher requirements for decorative materials, and also for sound-absorbing grades. For this reason, we have specially done sound-absorbing grade tests for our sound-absorbing aluminum ceilings, and have obtained the corresponding reports, which comply with the sound-absorbing grade requirements of major institutions and projects.

Low prices

We have spent a lot of research and testing on sound-absorbing aluminum ceilings, but we feel that sound-absorbing aluminum ceilings are the trend of the future, every building should use higher sound-absorbing materials to improve our quality of life, we only made a slight price adjustment for this ceiling to ensure that every customer can use it.

Environmentally friendly

Acoustic aluminum ceilings are made of environmentally friendly materials that meet the requirements of sustainable development and green building. Cotton is also a modern and environmentally friendly material that can be used with confidence.


Acoustic aluminum ceilings are durable and corrosion resistant for long term use and are easy to clean and maintain. The addition of acoustic cotton does not affect its properties and the cotton we use is durable.

By combining the advantages of aluminum with the properties of the sound-absorbing material of cotton, sound-absorbing aluminum ceilings offer a functional and beautiful decorative option for interior spaces.

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