Aluminum Composite Panel for Curtain Wall

Aluminum Composite Panel can be named as ACP, ACM, ALUCOBOND or di bond. Aluminum curtains for building curtains: the minimum thickness of the top and bottom aluminum plates is not less than 0.50mm, the total thickness should not be less than 4mm. Aluminum material should meet the requirements of GB /T3880, generally use 3000,5000 series of aluminum alloy sheet, the coating should be fluorocarbon resin coating.
Indoor aluminum plate: the upper and lower aluminum plate generally use the thickness of 0.20mm, the minimum thickness is not less than 0.10mm aluminum generally, the total thickness is 3mm. The coating is coated with polyester or acrylic.
Beauty East ® ACP can be manufactured with common metalworking tools and no special tools are required on-site. Cutting, grooving, bending and many other techniques can be performed to create a different of complex forms and shapes.

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