Aluminum Air Conditioner Cover-Louver Style
Aluminum Air Conditioner Cover-Louver Style

More and more clients will choose air conditioner covers(exterior machine use). While adding a piece of art, you can better protect the machine, not only the air conditioning cover, but also customized heat pump cover, machine cover.

The most important thing is that the cover can achieve better protection at the same time, the weight is lighter, and the installation is more convenient, compared with other materials. We will use 1.0mm/1.5mm, or even 2.0mm thick aluminum veneer, bending and forming, so that the plate has more hardness and is not easy to damage. In the event of some bad weather/human factors/animal factors, etc., the machine inside will not be damaged.

The louver style will keep out most of the rain, which can be acid rain and corrode the machine.The louver style developed by our designers is tilted from top to bottom, and the rain will be straight down with it, basically not affecting the machine and its operation.

Customize in a variety of colors and sizes. According to different machine sizes (air conditioning outer hood, heat pump and some machines). To meet the needs of every customer and machine, we will also customize various colors according to customer requirements. Make customers’ air conditioning covers more suitable for garden decoration and other needs.

Easy cleaning is also one of the reasons why many customers choose aluminum veneers as air conditioning covers. Compared with other materials, aluminum veneer is easy to refurbish and the difficulty of cleaning is greatly reduced. Installation is also very simple, requiring only simple expansion screws, screws and nuts.

An exterior air conditioner cover is not only a protective box, but also a work of art for your garden. Customize your style and protect each machine.

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