Aluminum Ceiling
Aluminum Ceiling

As the mainstream of household decoration, aluminum ceiling is the choice of many designers, whether it is office, bathroom, kitchen, hotel lobby, apartment. Aluminum ceiling is a new decoration material, but also environmental protection materials, perhaps these advantages, will let you choose aluminum ceiling.

1.Excellent surface coating performance

Aluminum ceiling does not change color for a long time, the paint does not fall off, the service life is more than 30 years.  And easy maintenance, just wash with water and clean as new.

2.Sound fireproof and insulation

Aluminum ceiling is rational sound insulation, heat insulation and shock-proof building materials, we can add sound insulation cotton in aluminum ceiling, can make the sound insulation effect is better, in addition, aluminum ceiling is fireproof material, its core layer is non-toxic polyethylene, its surface is non-combustible aluminum plate.

3.Rich color & excellent processing properties

Aluminum ceiling users can be based on their own color combinations, regular white, black, wood grain color and so on.

Aluminum ceilings can be shaped in a variety of ways, such as square panels, U-Shaped, C-Shaped, grille and round tube. Different shapes, thicknesses and sizes can be customized.

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