Aluminum Square Ceiling
Aluminum Square Ceiling

Aluminum ceiling is suitable for many places, such as hotels, apartments, shopping malls, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Aluminum square ceiling include lay in ceiling or clip in ceiling.

The difference is that the former can see the keel after installation, the latter is invisible keel, between the panel and the panel dense spelling.

Aluminum Clip In Ceiling

  1. Easy installationand clean

Compared with aluminum lay in ceiling, the installation method of clip in ceiling will be simpler, we use the installation of the keel, and then directly stuck the ceiling on the keel to complete the installation. Cleaning and replacement will be more convenient.

  1. Better visual effect

Each panel of clip in ceiling is closely connected to each other, which will make the whole space look more compact. It is suitable for places where there is less space, such as offices and kitchens.

Aluminum Lay In Ceiling

  1. Appears more spacious

This is the choice of many European customers. The reason you can see the keel, it will be particularly neat and generous, very regular.

  1. More sizes are available

Since the height of the side is different from the size of the surface, there are more sizes and groove patterns to choose from for lay in ceiling.

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