Aluminum Alloy Decorative Heat Pump Cover
Aluminum Alloy Decorative Heat Pump Cover

Beauty East heat pump and air conditioning cover has taken its inspiration from modern nature and garden design, openwork or louver design resulting in a cover that’s easy to integrate and easy on the eye. Perfect for aesthetically hiding the technical unit of a heat pump, air conditioning unit or other mahcine in a garden or on the wall of a house.

Beauty East cover panel model completely covers the device to protect it from shocks and bad weather while maximizing the air circulation necessary for its proper functioning. It adapts to all situations (wall, wall and floor, floor configuration) and to a majority of heat pump and air conditioning brands modern

The basic cover model is intended for wall mounting (without a bottom plate or feet). However, depending on the location of the heat pump or air conditioning unit, the BROUSSE model can be completed with:

a bottom plate,  provided when the heat pump is fixed to the wall at height in order to hide the installation from being seen from below. giving a better aesthetic integration.

> feet (available in 2 pairs), provided when the machine is to be free-standing (4 feet required) or when the machine is installed at the bottom of a wall (2 feet required). The feet allow the cover to be raised off the ground to enable connection pipes to pass under.

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