Aluminum Open Grill Cell Ceiling

In many modern ceiling options, many designers will choose an open ceiling, and aluminum grill ceiling will be one of the popular choices for many ceilng projects. Aluminum open grid cell ceiling is a kind of functional, beautiful and durable architectural decoration material, which is widely used in the decoration of commercial and public space, such as offices, retail stores, hotels, etc.

The mass is very light of aluminum open grill cell ceiling. The thickness of this ceiling, we can produce finished from 0.4mm to 1.0mm above. While the transportation is very convenient, the installation of accessories is also very simple.

Aluminum grilles ceiling come in a wide variety of styles. Regular square grille, triangular grille, custom types of super wide grille and so on. While the style is customized, our colors can also be customized. Different effects and combinations can even bring 3D effects.

Excellent ventilation system in aluminum open grid cell ceiling. Because the grille ceiling can be seen on the ceiling wall, it is very convenient to install ventilation pipes or air conditioning equipment in some public areas such as shopping malls and offices.

The sound absorption system is also quite good. We can add sound insulation cotton to the grille ceiling, which will achieve a certain level of sound absorption. In addition, since aluminum itself is fireproof, our aluminum grille ceiling also has a fireproof function and It has good durability and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum open grille has a simple and generous appearance design, which can create a modern and stylish visual effect for the space. Modern ceiling is an indispensable choice, but also an advanced choice in modern building materials.

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