Aluminum Baffle Ceiling-U Shape Ceiling Tiles
Aluminum Baffle Ceiling-U Shape Ceiling Tiles

Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling is generally divided into two types, one is profile ceiling, with aluminum bar through the extrusion machine directly extrusion molding.

The other is Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling, also called U-shaped slot, which is generally formed by bending aluminum sheet material through bending machine.

How much is the price of Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling?

1、The quotation of profile Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling is determined according to the price of aluminum on the day, and the specification size and thickness. For example, the common specifications are 30 * 80, 40 * 60, 50 * 100, 30 * 50, 50 * 80, 40 * 90, etc.. Thickness is generally 0.7-3.0MM. for example, 40 * 60. Colors are black, white, gray, wood grain, color, etc., can be customized according to the color plate.

2, U-shaped square price is relatively much cheaper, because only need to use aluminum bending, low production costs. Commonly used specifications and profile is the same, the thickness is generally 0.4-1.5. Color variety, the surface will mostly be sprayed, laminated and other processes to do.

How to choose the right Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling?

1、Choose by material

Material, at present, these aluminum alloy strength is divided into H24, H18; there are divided into ordinary aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-manganese alloy according to the toughness, but currently the most used is ordinary aluminum, strength is low, flatness is also general, but toughness is not easy to deformation.

2, According to the surface process selection

According to the surface process is also divided into several, respectively, spraying, oxidation, baking paint, roll coating, film, spraying, baking paint these two relative life will be shorter, but also easy to change color; roll coating life in the middle, film is relatively long life, film and divided into ordinary film and imported film, imported film can reach 20 years without discoloration.

3、Choose according to production process

Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling is actually only the surface bonding of the plate, many consumers may not understand will ignore this piece, in fact, this is very important, if the industry is not good will affect its service life, and about the process of this piece of each manufacturer’s processing gap is still very large, such as small factories are basically taking workshop, process life reduced. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing Aluminum U Shaped Ceiling, must understand clearly about its process is how.


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