Anti-static Aluminum Composite Panel
Anti-static Aluminum Composite Panel

It not only retains the main characteristics of raw materials (aluminum and plastic), but also overcomes the shortage of raw materials, and has the excellent physical properties and anti-static function of aluminum plate, so that dust is difficult to adhere to its surface, and maintain a clean and safe environment for a long time. It is widely used in precision instruments, electronics, computer rooms, warehouses or wall decoration

Anti-static function: anti-static means that the material or product has the ability to reduce the generation and accumulation of static electricity. Antistatic materials will usually use antistatic materials or surface coatings to reduce or exclude the generation of static electricity, thereby reducing the problems caused by static discharge, such as electrostatic electric shock, electrostatic sparks, electrostatic discharge detonation and ignition.

Improve product quality and productivity: When our anti-static aluminum composite panels are applied to social media panels, static electricity and sparks may adversely affect product quality in some production processes, such as leading to product surface damage, deformation and so on. The use of anti-static materials can effectively avoid these problems and improve product quality. At the same time, this material can also reduce the failure and downtime in the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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