Aluminum Composite Panels Features
Aluminum Composite Panels Features
  1. Economical:

Aluminum composite panel adopts all kinds of high quality coating, no long-term maintenance is needed, which eliminates the cost of maintenance and upkeep of large high-rise buildings nowadays. China’s cities are seriously polluted and need maintenance and cleaning after several years of use, due to good self-cleaning, only neutral cleaning agent and water are needed, which makes the panel as new permanently after cleaning.

  1. Durability:

Fluorocarbon coated aluminum composite panel has durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance and other virtuous properties.

  1. Flatness:

Aluminum composite panel provides excellent flat surface, which meets the pursuit of modern architecture for high appearance.

  1. Lightness:

Aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum alloy and high quality plastic, which is lighter than other decorative materials, reducing the weight burden of the material itself, facilitating construction and greatly shortening the construction period.

  1. Easy construction:

Aluminum composite panel can be easily cut, clipped, grooved and bent into various shapes such as round arc and right angle, which can fully cooperate with the decoration and design various modeling changes.

  1. Fire resistance:

The non-combustible outer aluminum sheet of aluminum composite panel can protect the polyethylene core and can block the heat conduction at the early stage of combustion, so the fireproofness reaches the international standard.

  1. Design playability:

Aluminum composite panel can produce characteristic color and form according to customer requirements, which can meet the designer’s unique design and realize perfect decoration effect.

  1. Environmental protection:

The surface layer does not change, no pollution to the environment.



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