Maintenance and cleaning of Alucobond
Maintenance and cleaning of Alucobond


1, Alucobond before the completion of construction, shall not tear off the surface protection film, so as not to scrape the surface during operation.

2, mirror aluminum composite panel surface bright and smooth, dust is not easy to adhere to, wipe 2-3 times a month can. Do not use nylon brushes, loofah and volatile solvents or hydrochloric acid detergent when wiping. Otherwise, it will damage the surface layer of the mirror. It is best to use a soft cloth jiao general glass with neutral detergent or China National Petroleum Corporation stain removal oil gently wipe.

3, aluminum panels such as for outdoor moisture and heavy and easy to produce fog condensation places, must be commonly used soft cloth will be gently wipe off the fog, you can keep the effect of lasting brightness.


Exterior aluminum composite panel cleaning.

1, PE and PVDF exterior aluminum panels can be cleaned with weak acids and alkaline cleaners, but can not use strong acids and strong alkaline cleaners, because strong acids or strong alkaline cleaners will damage the surface coating of aluminum panels, easy to cause the aging of the paint, so that the surface spots, fading and other problems.

2, the Chinese market generally use special aluminum cleaner to clean aluminum panels, it has a special formula to ensure that after cleaning the aluminum panels look new without damaging the surface paint coating.

3、Special aluminum cleaner should also be diluted with water according to the degree of stains on the surface of aluminum panels before cleaning, the general degree of dirtiness is 1:30-50 diluted with water before use, the more serious stains can be diluted with water 1:10.

4、According to the dirty degree of aluminum composite panel, determine the dilution ratio of cleaning agent, if necessary, should do a small cleaning test.

5、After determining the dilution ratio, apply the cleaner evenly on the surface of the aluminum composite panel, wipe it off with soft brush, abrasive disc, cleaning cloth and other tools, and then rinse with water (it is better to rinse the wall with the water gun connected to the high-pressure cleaner).

6、ACP does not need to use detergent, direct use of high-pressure water gun rinse with water on OK, if the surface is too dirty, available very diluted special aluminum cleaning agent can be added to the water directly rinse.


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