Modern Builing Materials Aluminum Facade
Modern Builing Materials Aluminum Facade

Aluminum alloy solid panels decorative curtain wall is one of the necessary materials for modern exterior wall decoration, aluminum facade is generally 2mm to 4mm aluminum alloy panel.

Aluminum veneer in our production is after multiple processes. In the production of wall panels first according to the requirements of the secondary design of sheet metal processing, direct folding, four corners of the high-pressure welding into a close groove wall.

Fixing bolts for reinforcement are reserved on the back of the plate by means of electric welding and planting of nails. After grinding the layout, powder/paint spraying is carried out, generally with two coats and three coats, and the thickness of the paint film is 30~40μm.

It is easy to be processed into curved and multi-folded edges or sharp corners, and can adapt to the ever-changing needs of exterior wall decoration, and rich in color, according to the design and the owner’s requirements of arbitrary color selection, broadening the architects’ design space, but the wind pressure deformability is large, very easy to deform, life expectancy of up to 25 years, mostly due to weather wind pressure leads to deformation, the board surface color flower off. In the actual application, according to the specific architectural needs, budget and use of the environment and other factors, comprehensive consideration of the selection of suitable aluminum cladding materials and types. At the same time, the construction process also needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant standards and norms to ensure the quality and performance of aluminum cladding.

Aluminum solid panel as a facade materials can be perfectly combined with glass facade materials and stone facade materials, and its perfect appearance and excellent quality are favored by owners, and its light weight significantly reduces the load on the building structure and foundation, with low maintenance costs and a high performance-price ratio.

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