3D Effect Carved Aluminum Solid Panel for Facade
 3D Effect Carved Aluminum Solid Panel for Facade

Aluminum solid panel as a modern curtain wal facadel materials, aluminum flat panels and some perforated styles obviously can not meet our needs, our designers are also in the carving and bending technology to do continuous updating and improvement. Through advanced CNC punching, 3D engraving and bending technology, we can produce a variety of complex, exquisite 3D patterns and shapes on the surface of aluminum solid panel, presenting a strong sense of three-dimensionality and art, which can meet the needs of different architectural styles and designs for the building, add unique decorative effects, and enhance the overall aesthetics and grade.

Punching and engraving processing: according to the design requirements in the aluminum surface punching out various shapes of holes or 3D engraving, this link needs to control the quality of punching molds, to ensure that the location, size and shape of the holes and engraving in line with the design requirements of accuracy, and at the same time pay attention to the control of the processing process of the temperature, pressure, speed and other parameters to prevent the material deformation or irregularities in the holes and other issues.

Quality Inspection: In the production process, strict quality inspection is required, including the inspection of size, flatness, hole location, coating quality and other aspects. Only products that meet the quality standards can enter the next process or leave the factory for sale.

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