Aluminum Composite Panel Exterior Wall Project – Cambodia Auto Shop Building Facade
Aluminum Composite Panel Exterior Wall Project –  Cambodia Auto Shop Building Facade

Cambodia Auto Shop Building Facade

It took a total of two years to design and construct the exterior walls of the building. Professional design custom modern exterior wall, aluminum composite panel is a relatively low cost plate, low cost design into different styles of exterior wall, unique style. Make your exterior or interior wall unique.

This project uses 4mm thick ALUCOBOND, which is the usual thickness of our external facades.

The aluminum thickness of 0.40mm is the customer’s choice, and it is also a relatively thick aluminum, which can achieve very good results for outdoor decoration. Enough thick aluminum can prevent damage from strong winds. Therefore, we generally recommend that our customers must choose aluminum thickness above 0.21mm, so that it will be stable.

In terms of color, the customer chose fluorocarbon(PVDF) dark gray, and the color of fluorocarbon can not only maintain a relatively beautiful color in the outside world, but also make the color more vivid. Dark gray is also a more traditional color, which is used by many external walls, and we have hundreds of colors for customers to choose from. And we can modulate specific colors for customers, design and produce more suitable exterior wall aluminum composite panels.

Some of the customer’s customized aluminum compiste panels with a length of 3 meters, because the design in which requires a whole board installation, so that the display is more beautiful. We can customize ACPs of any length. In addition, we can also customize different widths, the conventional is 1220mm, we can also produce 1250mm, 1500mm and 1550mm width of ACP, more sizes can contact us at any time.

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