Carving/Cutting Aluminum Composite Panels
Carving/Cutting Aluminum Composite Panels

The previous article introduced that our aluminum composite panels can be used in cabinets and closets. An essential material for modern curtain walls, it can also be processed in a variety of processes, such as engraving, punching and bending. These processes can allow the original 1220*2440mm ACP to be cut into different sizes (completely according to customer requirements) to punch different holes and shapes, etc., for aluminum fences, aluminum screens, machine panels and so on.

Stainless steel or iron fence is strong, but its weight and price is difficult for many customers to accept. The price of aluminum composite panel is far lower than stainless steel, and the weight is much lighter than stainless steel. This also makes the product renovation cost of aluminum composite panels low. Protection performance is enough to face the current typhoon and other weather.

Engraving patterns are more, the engraving cost of aluminum composite panel is relatively low, as long as the customer has ideas or drawings, we can follow the customer’s pattern for different engraving.

As a machine panel, this is a very lightweight sheet.Many of our customers use ACP for laptop stand panels, since ACP surface is smooth and flat, can be used for various inkjet, printing and other processing, with good visual effect. The outer layer of the aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. This is why many customers choose to cut ACP and punch in different sizes.

We have a lot of ACP engraving samples, if necessary, welcome to consult each customer, we will do different designs for your engraving ACP

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