Aluminum Composite Panel for Cabinet/Wardrobe
Aluminum Composite Panel for Cabinet/Wardrobe

Are you still making closets out of traditional wood materials? Or stainless steel or plastic? In the Philippines or some Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern regions, many factories have developed some new materials to make the cabinets and wardrobes we use every day. For example, our topic today, aluminum composite panels.

According to most of our customers will choose to make ACP the main material of cabinets and wardrobes, whether it is the front panel, the back panel or the bottom panels, you can choose ACP as the panel material.

For traditional materials such as wood panels, aluminum composite panels have lighter quality, better hardness and strength. Of course, the board is also very hard, but after continuous lamination, it still has a certain thickness. The ACP commonly used in wardrobes and cabinets is only 2mm or 3mm, and the mass is one-third that of wood.

Easy processing. Because ACP is lighter than other materials, our transportation is also much easier. But the most important thing is that our processing difficulty is greatly reduced, reducing a lot of manual handling and machine cutting. The processing of aluminum-plastic panels only requires simple cutting and installation of accessories. Wood also needs to be hemmed, painted or painted, which is obviously a waste of time.

Aluminum composite panels are available in more colors. Up to 100 colors to choose from. Moreover, our ACP color is already colored in the factory, so it is no longer necessary to waste time spraying color when making cabinets in your factory. For some high-end home furniture, we also support color matching, the customer’s color samples, perfectly engraved on the color layer of ACP. Upgrade the whole furniture grade to meet every customer’s pursuit of color.

Different grades of aluminum composite panels, to meet the choice of each level of customers. The commonly used material is ordinary PE, but we also have many customers choose some better quality materials, such as one-side unbroken or two sides unbroken plastic(PE). Of course, we also have fire boards, which can also be used in cupboards and closets.

Aluminum-plastic panel as an emerging building material in the past 20 years, its use is not only building materials, curtain wall decoration. In recent years, we have also used ACP in cabinets, wardrobes, and even carved and cut into different shapes and punched holes for fences, screens, machine panels and so on. If you are interested in Alucobond, you can continue to follow our news or contact us to learn more.

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