3MM 4MM Aluminum Comcposite Panel—The Most Commonly Used Thickness for Indoor and Outdoor

The most commonly used thicknesses for indoor and outdoor use are 3mm and 4mm, because these two thicknesses are the most cost-effective. Whether it is used in indoor ceilings or other screens, curtain walls, or outdoor curtain walls, fences or some billboards. 3mm and 4mm are very good in terms of hardness, price, environmental resistance or other factors.

Aluminum exterior wall decoration is the most common outdoor decorative use of aluminum composite board, as an outdoor building materials, must have a certain degree of weather resistance, toughness and other functions. Usually the use of aluminum composite panels is divided into indoor and outdoor. Because the coating used outdoors will be different, fluorocarbon coating will be used, so we generally recommend that our customers use 4*0.21mm Alucobond for outdoors, or thicker acp panel.

Our aluminum composite panels can be carved into different shapes of billboards, machine panels, etc. 3mm May be the choice of many customers. Because its hardness is better no matter what kind of indoor plate, carved aluminum screens are increasingly a choice.

Indoor ceiling use we will recommend customers to use 3*0.15mm, the total thickness of 3mm to ensure that as a ceiling will not easily deformed, 0.15mm aluminum thickness can make our panel surface more flat.

2.5mm is also the choice of many machine panels, custom punching styles, and cutting into different sizes are also aluminum-plastic panel styles that we can customize.

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